Questions Most People Have:

What is Happening Around Me?

What is likely To Happen Next?

What Actions Could Alter The Path To A Better Outcome?

Watch Intro Video

Interviews of the COVID-19 Modelling Group's Students

Students talk about their experience learning to use the model, their findings and impact

Learn how disease out-breaks work and how to assess a COVID-19 case

Complete both courses and you can localise our COVID-19 model to a chosen area, estimate what could happen next and compare strategies to improve future outcomes.

Contributors and Supporters

We are a global team of 30+ Volunteers:  Academics, Artists, Astrophysicists, Biologists, Business People, Data Scientists, Disease Experts, Educators, Economists, Engineers, Epidemiologists, Financial Analysts, High School & University Students, Historians, Investors, Medical Professionals, Modellers, Physicists, Strategy Experts and Virologists

Supporters of our Methodology Include Educational Foundations, Government Institutions, Healthcare Networks, NGOs, and Pandemic Response Networks

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We are independent and self funded.  We are offering this course as a free public service for students and personal use by individuals.   We believe at this time it is in everyone's interest to help understand and search for solutions to better outcomes in the Covid 19 Pandemic and we will do our best to support that.  

This course was created by a small team led by students.   This could not have happened without the efforts of everyone involved. The course creators are credited in the attached People and Supporters. 

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