Course curriculum

  • 1

    What the COVID model does and how to use it

    • WHY we need this local-area Covid-19 model

    • Getting started

    • What does the model DO?

    • A quick tour of the screen and its use

    • The basic steps to use the COVID model

    • How To Choose a "local area"

    • How To Collect Your Data

  • 2

    Set up the population, cases/deaths and other factors for your area

    • 1.1a Population age-groups for your area

    • 1.1b Infected arrivals from outside

    • 1.2 Daily data on cases and deaths - and uprate deaths data

    • 1.3 Hospital capacity

    • 1.4 Local behaviours: contact-rates and don't-go-to-hospital

    • 1.5 Disease-factors sensitive to local conditions

    • 1.5 How Recovered people may lose resistance to COVID-19

    • Epidemiological factors

    • Summary: How To Use The Model